Loot & Recruit

Swarm of Dice LLC

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2 - 5




60 min

Loot & Recruit is a deck building game that brings a twist to the genre through it's stacking mechanic, dual currency system, and PvP elements. Become a contestant in a crazy Goblin festival as you compete for the title of Goblin King. During the festival, you will add new cards to your deck, recruit Goblins for victory points, attack other players, and hire minions to perform special actions. Do you have what it takes to loot and recruit well enough to claim the throne for yourself? Features: Deck building mechanic allows you to create your own strategy as you choose and accumulate more cards for your deck. Stacking mechanic leaves your Goblins vulnerable at all times, so stack carefully to ensure their protection. Play dirty, attack your opponent's Goblins and send them crumbling to the ground. Hire minions to perform powerful actions for you. Every round a new Event Card changes up the landscape of the game.