ROBOT RISE! (2017)

Happy Harpy Games

Game Image

2 - 6




30 min



The Ministry of Discord, an international alliance of archvillains, has an opening for a new member. Each player in ROBOT RISE! is a mad scientist hoping to earn that coveted seat (and win the game) by eliminating all the other players. The 110-card deck contains dozens of unique cards, including: - Secret Bases: Protect these from being destroyed by opponents - Giant Robot Parts: Assemble a giant robot to attack your enemies or defend against attacks - Raid, Freeze Ray, and Mind Control are nuisance attacks that reduce your opponents' effectiveness - Defense Cards: The best offense is a good defense...sometimes. - Spy Attack! - Disasters! - And many others... Need part of a Giant Robot to carry out an attack? Call for a temporary alliance with one of your opponents. After all, the enemy of your enemy can sometimes be useful. Gameplay consists of playing a card (if you can), following through on the implications of that card, and then ending your turn by drawing a card. The game ends when there is one player remaining.