Vile Genius Games, Inc.

Davie, FL USA
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Vile Genius Games LLC is the creator of the card game Evil Genius: Deathray.

Like many game groups, our band of merry (and crotchety) gamers throws around ideas for new games. Most of them have either been done well before, done miserably before, or are just horrid ideas from the start.

Every once in a while, one of us comes up with what we think is a really great concept. We got tired of seeing those great ideas go to waste. Vile Genius Games, Inc., is our way of forbidding the great ideas from being lost into the ether.

Our goal is to provide enjoyable gaming experiences through quality products, which encourage the building of relationships, critical thinking, and problem solving – all without losing the most important reason for playing games, fun!

Games from Vile Genius Games, Inc.