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From their site:

There is no better feeling than laughing and bonding with friends. Games bring everyone together, sharing a unique experience in a fictional world. We at Cherry Picked Games are dedicated to producing high quality tabletop games. Since 2014, we have been working tirelessly to share our passion for the hobby with everyone.

Our debut project is Catalyst, a role playing game set during a demon apocalypse in modern society. We saw a lot during the four years of playtesting it endured: amazingly creative characters, heartfelt debate over ethical dilemmas, gut-wrenching in-game betrayal of other players, ingenious problem solving, and the single worst die roll possible (a one in the game master’s scotch). These playtesters drove us past our $10,000 Kickstarter goal and let Catalyst exist. Check out the Catalyst page for more details.

The next Cherry Picked project, Drink!, is already in development. We are working on a drinking game with easy rules, guaranteed to run people through an emotional gamut. This little box of cards will see laughter, bewilderment, fear, and triumph over the evening. Best of all, it is an addition to the event, not a focal point. Play during a house party, board game night, wedding reception, or whatever social gathering needs a touch more intrigue and inebriation.

We also strive to help the tabletop game community however we can. From actively participating in Washington’s board game scene to hyping up the hobby on air, we want everyone to roll some dice and tell some stories. Our site hosts a blog about improving your experience with role playing games to help neophytes and veterans alike (please ask us whatever gaming questions you have). We also want to help out other indie game developers out there by providing consulting or contractor work for writing, illustrations, graphic design, app development, production, playtesting, or whatever else is blocking more great games from the public.

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