Les Petits Pirates (2016)

GJJ Games

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1 - 3




45 min



Ahoy matey! The pirate life may seem glorious, but it’s actually quite hard work. You know, only about 1% of us pirates are successful enough to make a name for ourselves. We can’t all be Blackbeards and Sparrows. But even for a lowly working class pirate there comes a time when retirement looms on the horizon. A smart pirate knows when it’s time to save toward retirement. It’s important to bury a bit of treasure to ensure you have something to look forward to. There’s no sense in spending everything on rum and gunpowder today if it means you can’t enjoy a decadent pirate retirement someday!
<b>Les Petits Pirates</b> is a micro game played on a single, small game board. In Les Petits Pirates, players are pirates, working to gather resources and gold while trying to prevent their opponents from doing the same. Through action selection and dice manipulation, players will plunder, attack, and sail the seas in their quest to bury enough treasure and enjoy a decadent pirate retirement!
Features: Les Petits Pirates will be an easy game to expand for more players or larger games. A single 5.5” x 8.5” game board can support 2-3 players (possibly 4) with 3 ships each. Multiple game boards can be combined, or a larger board used to easily expand the game for 4+ players. Special rules and map also allow for solo play. More variety can be easily introduced by simply printing new maps that can be used alone or combined with other maps. The game can easily be re-themed for a variety of genres, like Vikings, Space, High Fantasy, etc. Les Petits Pirates can easily be played with just the game board and typical household items, like dice and coins, but the game lends itself to having a ‘deluxe’ edition that includes nicer components, player mats, screens, etc.
More information: <a href="http://georgejaros.com/LPP" target="_Blank">http://georgejaros.com/LPP</a>

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