Super Hack Override (2016)

Weird Giraffe Games

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2 - 6




10 min



It is far in the distant future: the year 2000. As the visionaries of the 1980s predicted, all facets of life from the government's most secretive mainframes to the local power grid and even your humble screen door are connected together and just waiting for hackers to break into them to prove they are the best of the best. Vying with each other for the most epic hacks and constantly striving to stay one step ahead of the authorities, hackers wage secret cyberbattles unknown to the average user. Super Hack Override is a fast-paced card swapping card game to determine the next Supreme Super Hacker. Show off your hacking skills and prove that you have what it takes to be the next Supreme Super Hacker by proxy swapping your way to victory. Shield yourself from your opponents by using protection cards, hack into government facilities to get the most points, all while avoiding Hacker Jail! Win by getting to a certain amount of cred based on the number of hackers playing or by being the last hacker standing. The game features play for 2-6 players in 10-20 minutes. The game consists of 25 cards that comprise 11 different hacks, each of whom provide either protection, the power to proxy swap, or are government facilities. The Buffer Overflow expansion adds 1 unique card and 5 total cards to enhance the Super Hack Override experience.