Hallux Rigidus; Thunder Bridge (2016)

InfiNate to Elevate

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1 - 8




10 min



Setup Each tile has two sides, the top is a normal bridge section. The flip side is a broken bridge section. Lay 16 to 20 tiles in a row (side by side), with the dark edges being the sides. The broken bridge tiles may not be facing up on the first three tiles (from the left) and may not be placed next to one another. Following this guideline place as many broken tiles face up as you wish, across the table; representing the span of the Thunder Bridge. Each player chooses a token and places it on the second tile from the left (so there is one open tile behind the tokens – to their left). Starting The Game The oldest player takes the die and rolls it, then play continues clockwise. He or she may move (to the right) the number of tiles the die displays, or may help other players move (to the right) by offering to share the number displayed with another player(s). You may not end your turn on a broken tile. You must roll a number large enough to leap across (or fall into the chasm below -ending the game; everyone a loser). Once each player has rolled the die and moved appropriately, one person (the youngest) rolls the die representing Thunder Bridge; the roll of a 1 or 2 causes two tiles to fall away into the chasm. The roll of a 0 or 3 causes one tile to fall into the chasm (remove them from the play area). Any player tokens on the lost tiles fall into the chasm below - ending the game; everyone a loser. Continue playing until everyone is safely across the bridge (or any player is lost into the chasm). Winning The Game The first player to get off the last bridge tile to the right (while assuring everyone else is safe) wins the game.

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