Battle of Souls (2016)

No Limit Games, Inc.

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2 - 10




30 min



Battle of Souls is a 2+ player trading card game. In Battle of Souls you deploy (summon) warriors of different ranks and warrior sects to drain your opponents soul points (life points) and win the game. The theme of the game carries alone with historical warriors such as Samurai, Mongolian, Roman etc.. In Battle of Souls, each player starts with 8000 life points which in our game is referred to as soul points. The objective of the game, or otherwise stated the win condition is to be the first player to reach 16000 soul points. This is done by dealing damage to your opponent from the attacks of your deployed (summoned) warriors. Each time your opponent takes damage of any type, including any cost to activate an effect, you gain that much SP (soul points) and vice versa. This mechanic insures that there will always be a definite victor and never a draw game. The second win condition is if one player runs out of cards to draw from their decks, they lose the game. GAME FLOW: Each player starts the game by drawing 5 cards from their deck to their hand. The first play to take a turn draws one additional card at the beginning of their turn. Each turn the player is able to deploy only one fighter (warrior, elite warrior, warlord, legendary warrior) to their side of the field. The first player to take his/her turn may not attack on that turn. The last player to draw is the first that can attack. The fighter cards are ranked in the following order, along with deployment requirements: Warrior > No special requirements Elite Warrior > Tribute a warrior that has 3 kill counters on it (kill counters are gained whenever a fighter destroys another fighter in battle) Warlord > Tribute an Elite Warrior with 5 kill counters on it Legendary Warrior > Tribute a Warlord with 7 kill counters on it, in addition to an Elite Warrior and Warrior on your side of the field. Equipment cards can be played face up or set face down to be used at a later time. Some are one time use and others are continuous Tactic cards are played face down on the turn you play them from your hand and may be activated by flipping face up on any turn after they were first played as long as the effect conditions are met (if any) Battlefield cards are played face up and only one Battlefield card can be active on the field at any time. If a Battlefield card is in play when another is played, the previous one is destroyed. FIELD LIMITATIONS: On the field, each player can have a maximum of 5 fighter cards in play 1 battlefield, and 6 total equipment or tactic cards PHASES: The game phases are as follows for each turn Draw phase > Player draws a card Ready phase > All fighters that are currently in rest position (This is the position a fighter is changed to after a successful attack) are switched to attack position Main phase > Player can deploy, special deploy, activate equipment, battlefield, or previously set tactic cards as well as utilize any effects whose condition is met. Battle phase > Player sends his/her warriors to fight Main phase 2: do the same as the first main phase with the exception of deploying a fighter if the player already did so during the first main phase. Special deployments are limitless and can be done any number of times up to the max allows fighters in play. End phase: player ends their turn and discards a card from their hand if they are carrying 7 or more cards in hand.