Siggi Safeknacker (2011)


Game Image

2 - 5




20 min

There are four safes in different colors on the table, consisting of two card stacks; one open one and one draw pile. The players take turns rolling a die to determine a color, then look at the open card of the safe in the corresponding color. Now they must guess whether the next card they will draw from the safe's draw pile will be higher or lower than the current open card of the safe. If the guess is right, the player takes the open card(s) and replaces it by the drawn one. If a guess is wrong, however, the drawn card is added to the open card stack of the safe. Also, a player who makes a wrong guess loses all unprotected cards in front of him/her. Instead of rolling the die, s/he can also choose to protect one's loot and put it in a bag. When all cards have been distributed, the player with the highest loot is the winner.