Wild Vikings: The Card Game (2011)


Game Image

2 - 5




15 min

The Wild Vikings have been looting once again and return to the Viking village with their treasures. But horror of horrors! Nessie, the lake monster, suddenly appears in front of them and their ships gets into trouble sea. Will the Vikings manage to arrive at the village where the are safe and where they can divide up their precious loot? Wild Vikings the card game is a simple bidding game with one round of bidding. A die dictates the turn of a player, either Nessie eats a ship, a bidding round starts with him, he gets the viking token, the player with the viking token draws a card or everybody draws a card. There are 3 kinds of ships and 3 kinds of equipment cards to bid on the ships. Equipment cards can also be jokers for either color. Ships have values between 1 and 5. The player who gains the most treasure wins the game.