Hagoth: Builder of Ships (2010)

Mayday Games

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2 - 4




20 min

Hagoth: Builder Of Ships Players compete in an effort to design, build, and sail ships to the Land Northward. Through these efforts players are awarded Victory Points. The first player to obtain 25 Victory Points wins the game. Cards are used to design, build, and sail ships. Players start the game with a hand of 5 cards. On their turn they can do one of the following: 1. Play or discard 2 cards (or one of each) 2. Choose to perform one action in lieu of using cards for their turn. There are 5 types of cards 1. Ship pieces cards, used to design ships; 2. Go Wooding cards; used to obtain wood to build the ship once they are fully designed; 3. Build cards used to build ships; 4. Sail cards used to progress built ships for more victory points; and 5. Adversity cards, used to hinder opponents' progress with cards such as Sabotage and Delay.