Gothic Doctor (2015)

Breaking Games

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2 - 4




25 min

Gothic Doctor is a card game for 2-4 players in which doctors compete with each other to earn the most money in a single night that's broken up into eleven one-hour turns. The patients that the doctors are treating are characters from Gothic literature, such as Mr. Hyde or Frankenstein's Monster. Patients are 'cured' with a combination of cards from the hand indicated on each patient's card. The number of treatments required range from 2 to 4 treatment cards, and harder-to-treat patients earn the doctor more money. There is also a 'wild card' treatment in the game to speed up gameplay (though his treatment is required for some patients). In addition to patient and treatment cards, there are also action cards, which allow doctors to affect how easily patients are treated, to draw additional cards, or to hinder another doctor's efforts.