Wolf & Hound (2016)

Ninja Star Games

Game Image

2 - 4




20 min



Wolf & Hound is a partnership card game of protecting your flock of sheep from evil wolves. In Wolf & Hound, you become a shepherd of French Alps where wolves are becoming a problem as they chase your sheep away from your pasture. It is up to your reliable hound to go find the lost sheep and bring them back to your pasture. Each turn you will play a card which will control the movement of the wolf or the hound. Where these wolf or hound move to will determine the fate of your sheep. If there is a wolf in your pasture at the start of your turn, then the wolf will chase away one of your sheep. If there is a hound in your pasture, then the hound will bring back the lost sheep. Move them wisely to protect you and your partner’s sheep, and chase away your opponents' sheep!