Thrash-Car: Collector's Edition (2014)

SolarFlare Games

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2 - 4




60 min

The Collector's Edition of Thrash-Car includes 8 extra action cards, 4 extra race car tokens, and 2 extra team placards (4 teams) that have had foil applied to them. Action cards and team placards have unique actions and abilities. The Collector's Edition box also has an Embossed foil stamp on the cover and is signed and numbered. There will only be 300 units of this version ever manufactured. In Thrash-Car, you build your racing team from the ground up. As the team owner, you choose your crew, car, and strategy, then help them drive their way to victory in some of the wildest and toughest race conditions you have ever seen. Each driver is trying to get around the track and survive it. The track is made of random cards drawn from the track deck, and each card has a target attribute, a target number, and a damage value. The attribute determines that base attribute from your car you are using to build your base roll modifier. The target number is the number you have to roll on a ten-sided die or greater to succeed and move to the next track space. Damage is how much damage your car takes if you fail your roll. When you go to move, the other drivers can play up to one card on your action stack (this is the screw your neighbor part). The draw deck plays one card, then you can play up to two on yourself. These cards will result in a modifier for your roll to move. You add or subtract that number from your car's base and roll the die. If you make the target you move ahead and keep racing; if you fail you take the listed damage and try to keep racing. Fail too many rolls, and your car will be destroyed. You are always trying to get ahead and your friends are always trying to drag you down. At times, the drivers can beat on each other with their cars and roll head-to-head to see who is better in these exchanges, but if you get outrolled you can take some serious damage. If you do the outrolling, though, you can hammer the other guy and leap ahead in the race. You win Thrash-Car by being the first to complete the designated laps or being the last car running on the track.