Harbour: Launch Promo Characters (2015)

Tasty Minstrel Games

Game Image

2 - 4




60 min

A set of limited edition additional characters that will be made available to all backers and in limited quantities for retail pre-orders: Fisherman - When you collect any fish, gain an additional fish. Wholesailer - When buying a building, keep 1 of each good sold. Noble - At the beginning of the game, look at the top 2 building cards and build 1 of them for no cost. It is worth $0 and 0 VP, and doesn't count towards the 4 to trigger the game end. Mason - When anybody uses stone to buy, collect 1 stone. Speculator - At the end of the game, add VP to your total building worth equal to the current market value of stone. Beggar - When another player gains goods from their character action, you gain 1 good of your choice. These characters have green names instead of the normal yellow names to set them apart from the characters in the base game.