Blend Off! (2016)

Thunderworks Games

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2 - 4




10 min



You are an employee of a smalltown smoothie shop named Blend it Like Becca, the only reason your town is on the map. Tonight, you and your friend are working with the owner, Becca, and her son, Kevin, who swears he is old enough to work (you have your doubts). It is 1 minute from close, and you've put all of the fruit back in the fridge. The door chimes. CRISIS! The high school girl's volleyball tournament just got out, and buses are pulling into your parking lot! Kevin, who is skittish even on a normal day, panics and starts running back and forth from the fridge grabbing one fruit at a time. Becca turns to you with wide eyes and strikes a deal: whoever blends the most smoothies gets Friday night off. Friendship is put on pause, and the Blend Off begins! Blend Off! is a real-time resource management game. Players roll dice (Kevin) as fast as they can to collect fruit, which they put in one of 2 blenders to fill the available orders from the deck (Becca). When an order is filled, they claim it for victory points. The player with the most victory points at the end of the game is the winner (and gets Friday night off!).