Starship Deathtrap (2016)

Casual Dragon Games

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1 - 5




60 min

Stuck on a dying world, a handful of people take their only chance at survival, a junked space ship. All they need to do is keep it together and working to reach their new home. How hard can that be? Starship Deathtrap is a cooperative game that can be played solo or up to 5 players. Players will control the movements and actions of one or more of the 5 crew members, each having their own unique expertise. With the ship starting damaged, the crew is already behind. Each turn consists of 4 phases: Crew phase, disasters spread phase, new disaster phase, and advancement phase. Crew phase: Each crew member uses their allotted three actions to move, activate ships systems, or fight disasters. Disaster spread phase: Any unstopped disasters will spread causing more problems for the crew. New disaster phase: Each turn a new disaster will be determined (where and what type) randomly by a die roll. Advancement phase: Advance your energy level and distance to destination meter.