CATS: a sad but necessary cycle of violent predatory behavior (2016)

DPH Games Inc.

Game Image

3 - 5




30 min



This may look like a kid's game, but the experience is much more geared for teens and adults looking for a light, fun programing game. Cats all start with the same cards: (Catch, Stalk, Play, Steal, Taunt, and Eat). No luck of the draw here, it's entirely up to you! Get as many enjoyment points as possible and win the game! Plan and anticipate what the others will do so that you can claim birds from the back yard or from other cats. Each player targets another cat and a bird. They will then select their actions for the 2 rounds of play. All of the cards are revealed simultaneously, the actions are resolved and when the smoke clears, some cats may have birds and some may not. The birds will hang out at the bird bath, in the grass, on the fence or in the trees. The bigger birds will need to be stalked before catching them and you will have to time everything just right. Once you do catch your bird you will have a choice to either press your luck and play with the bird to double its enjoyment point value or to just eat it. The longer you play with it the greater the chance of it being stolen by another cat. Taunt cards allow other cats to distract you and cancel your actions, nothing is safe in this backyard! A basic rules set is included for younger players and beginners.