Rebirth - The Card Game that will save Mankind

Pale Blue Studios

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4 - 4




1 min



4player tabletop sci-fi card game. It explores the concept of a near Holocene extinction, our species seeking refuge among the stars and mankind's last hope to save the human race by terraforming Mars.
In addition to a deep/engaging story line our game aims to offer factual and educational insights into topics such as space exploration and technology(Orion spacecraft components) and life on Earth, from microscopic organisms like algae and plankton to the largest animal that has ever lived on our planet, the blue whale.

We want everyone that plays to explore the link between life on Earth, no matter how small, and the vast expanse of the cosmos and the stars and planets within it.
We believe we have something unique to offer the world by combining one of its oldest gaming platforms with one of its newest.