Harbour: The Wharfs / Ice Viking (2015)

Tasty Minstrel Games

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2 - 4



Promo character card that comes packaged inside copies Bottlecap Vikings. THE WHARFS Character Ability: Gain 2 good of different types -or- Buy a building. Flavor Text: 'This may sound crazy but, don't try to split up the orders! You know how terrible those ogres are at counting? Last week I told one of em to take three barrels of fish to the pier. The thick brute took all fourteen! Best just point at a load of one type of good and tell em to take em all. It'll save us all a headache. At the most we'll lose a unit or two. Trust me it'll be worth it.' - Dockmaster Schlibble 'Those darned Gnolls will steal anything that isn't nailed down! If you have maxed out your storehouse's room for any of the goods types, you'll have to leave the rest outside. Don't expect to see them in the morning.' - Constable O'Brady ICE VIKING Character Ability: Gain a fish and any other good type -or- Buy a building. 'When ANY player ships goods, you may freeze one good at its current selling price. The rest of the market resolves around the frozen good as normal.' Flavor Text: 'Yes, he carries an axe with him to negotiations. But give him half a chance and he'll talk your ear off about business - Hostile takeover this, Frozen assets that...' - Dockmaster Schlibble