Alien Overrun (2015)

Overrun Studios

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1 - 4




120 min



The year is 2084 and you are a member of an elite repair unit operating on the edge of known space. Whenever major mining equipment breaks down your team gets the call. Your mission: repair the damaged power core and clear the base of any alien presence. Succeed and you will be a hero. Fail and you next job may be on a space garbage skow.

The object of the game is to reach and repair the reactor core. But to do this you must deal with an alien presence that has overrun the facility. You have taken remote control of one of the mining facilities mining rigs and uploaded a specialization program. You will take turns exploring the mining facility, gathering resources, upgrading your rig, and pressing your luck in combat as you make your way through an endless onslaught of aliens. Ultimately you must reach and defeat the alien Queen so that you can repair the core before it goes critical.