Foresight (2010)

House of Slack Games

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3 - 5


60 min

(from publisher's website) Foresight is a unique deck of cards, unlike any other deck you’ve ever used. The cards are familiar, as long as you’re looking at the fronts, lovingly illustrated by Aaron Williams. But on the back, one or more suits appear, giving you a glimpse into the future. The better the card, the less information you have about what suit it is. That ability to look into the future gives the game its shape, and presents some unique challenges for the veteran card player. Foresight is also an engaging trick-taking card game, using that special set of cards. The bidding system is at once familiar, a simple system of bidding how many tricks you are going to take, and different, in that you get to bid multiple times. As befits a game with as much uncertainty as Foresight features, you get to place several bets, rather than be locked down into one bid. And once play begins, part of your hand is obscured even from you. Managing your information and your crucial hole cards is a skill that is unique to playing Foresight, and it’s a fresh challenge that card players everywhere can appreciate.

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