Wibbell++ (2017)

Stuff By Bez

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2 - 15




2 min



Wibbell++ is a game system - a deck of cards, each with two letters, one of 6 borders, and 1-5 dots on the bottom. When first released, everyone will receive rules for 3 games: Wibbell (the fastest wordgame in the west, 10-30 minutes, 2-7 players); Phrasell (the party game of inventing little phrases, 20-30 minutes, 3-8 players); and Faybell (a letter-based storytelling activity, 20-30 minutes, 2-5 players). Wibbell (the 'flagship' game), is a speed-based word game, which involves shouting out words the contain particular letters. As you collect more cards, the game becomes more difficult until the end of the round. Round handicaps give the game some more strategy and gives everyone else a chance to catch up.