Monster Melee (2016)

Casual Dragon Games

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15 - 30




180 min



Monster Melee is a 'Meta' game of up to 30 players. A 'Meta' game is a game that is played while doing other things. Monster Melee is an ideal game to be played inside a convention game room. Play while playing any other game or activity. In Monster Melee, each player will assume the role of one of the following: Human, Vampire, Werewolf, Ghost, or Alien. These roles are not only secret to other player, but also secret to you as well. Once Monster Melee starts, a player may approach another player to conduct a duel. They will choose a weapon card from their hand to use on that target player. The target player will then scratch off the appropriate monster section that is harmed by that weapon. If they reveal a red X, they have been killed and are out of the game. If they reveal nothing, they have survived and can now counter attack by giving the other player another weapon card back. Once that combat is over those two players may not conduct another combat with each other for two minutes. At the end of any combat/duel, surviving players may return to the main Monster Melee table and log their results. Last monster alive wins.