Frostbite (2016)

Neanderthal Games

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1 - 4




60 min



"The freezing wind rips at the strappings of our hut. I feel it bite at my knuckles, slicing the flesh open. Our time here is short. The wildlife has all moved on and we must follow. We are leaving everything we know behind in search of warmth before it is too late. Even the sun does not show her face here anymore. The revenge of winter is upon us. I fear some may not make it out alive…”

In Frostbite, players collect resources and assemble huts, but must be wary of the bitter cold while doing so. The weather changes constantly and the temperature keeps falling. Players must endure until the final shelters are created!

Each player has five action points per round to use for: migrating, scouting, hunting, gathering wood, crafting shelter, and raiding other clans.

Players migrate by moving their clan member tokens. They may only gather wood in forest regions, and may only hunt in regions with wildlife. Hunting success is determined by die roll. When failing to kill wildlife, a card is drawn to determine the direction it runs away, possibly into another clan's territory. Once players have enough resources, they may build or upgrade shelters.

After each round, cards are drawn to decrease the temperature in different areas. Clan members die if they occupy a region that is too cold, but this may be mitigated by fur coats and shelters.

Only the clans that complete their villages will survive and claim victory.