Tiki Island (2016)

Great Wight Games, LLC

Game Image

2 - 6




30 min



Your island is doomed. Take what remains of your tribe, and your magical Tiki and head to sea. You have heard rumors of another island across the ocean. Perhaps things will be safer there.

Tiki island is a simple, light strategy game based loosely on the ancient game <i>Hex</i>. The goal is to try to move your islander across the map by building an island chain from your island, to the opposite island. Each turn, you have a limited amount of actions you can take to accomplish this. The fun comes from the magical powers you Tiki can bestow upon your tribe. Maybe you'll get to build an additional island? Maybe you'll throw a lightning bolt across the map? Maybe you will backfire and devastate the island you are standing on...destroying the islander your Tiki was supposed to be protecting! Either way, its a race to the finish in the fun, family friendly game of <i><b>Tiki Island!</b></i>