Misfits For Hire (2016)

Venture 4th Games

Game Image

2 - 4




45 min

Each player represents a claimant to the Throne of Vintha'las. The King, in his wisdom has decided that the claimants shouldn't have a civil war to figure out who wins. No, they should prove their mettle by besting one of the horrific beasts that wanders the kingdom. One slight problem, the beasts have killed all the legendary heroes, so the claimants will have to make due with...the rest. The rest are the Misfits, a group of drunken washed up heroes who now haunt the tavern The Drunken Artist, and are your greatest hope for claiming the throne. Here goes nothing! There are two ways to win. Be the first team to kill the monster, or be the last player standing. Players draw cards from the community pile as they pursue the big bad monster, sometimes drawing cards that help them, sometimes drawing cards that help the monster. With their hand they discard cards to utilize different types of moves, like attacking the monster or stealing cards from the other groups of misfits questing after the monster as well. Defeat the monster yourself or wait until it devours everyone else, the choice is yours. Whoever lands the last hit gets the kill, so be weary of opportunistic players!