Treasure or Treachery (2016)

Aktion Games

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2 - 4




30 min



Treasure or Treachery, for 2-4 players, puts you in control of one of 4 factions vying for hidden treasure. Moving your ship in the water, and your pirate on land, you seek treasure maps in each town which point to hidden treasure locations on the game board. Move your pirate to the location to claim the treasure and then back to the ship to stow it aboard. Collect 3 treasures on your ship and return to your home space to win. Attack other players to slow their progress or steal their treasure to get ahead. Fate may find you and give you an advantage, or Fate may foil your plans, altering the very outcome of the game! In the end its a tense race to the finish that will have you and your friends cheering, jeering, and howling with laughter as you battle it out for the win!