The Maiden Voyage (2016)

Wren Games

Game Image

1 - 5




90 min



The Maiden is an A.I. controlled spaceship that has been infiltrated by Saboteurs who want nothing more than for its mission to fail. Players take on the role of an AI-bot, each having their own unique specialisms and quirks.

Your objective is to safely guide The Maiden and her crew of Scientists to their destination. You must avoid asteroids, deal with unexpected events, help the Scientists into stasis pods, protect against sabotage, visit planets to collect supplies, keep the ship in a good state of repair and ward off a second major attack by Humanity’s Saboteurs.

The success of the mission is in your hands…

The Maiden Voyage is a strategy game with a distinct layout that plays across 2 boards. When we set out designing The Maiden Voyage we wanted game play to be fully cooperative and as intuitive as possible. We also wanted to integrate Euro mechanisms with a strong theme giving every action, decision and event thematic value and meaning.

The Maiden Voyage utilises more traditional thematic mechanisms such as action and movement, variable player powers, random and story driven events and challenges then combines these with the more Euro mechanisms of hand and resource management. With a modular board and variable setup, there’s plenty of replay value and lots of fun for all the family.