Head Chef (2017)

CStar Games

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1 - 4




20 min



The mayor of Eatsville has decided to expand the city to include a state of the art gourmet Restaurant. Unfortunately there is only enough land for one. Using your current skills and your love of food, you decide to seize the opportunity to follow your life long dream to become the town's first head chef of the new gourmet restaurant. It will be a tough road and you are not the only one with this goal. With only enough funds for a food truck you set out on your adventure. Overview: Head Chef is a pick and play card game that pits players against each other to see who can cook their food the fastest by combining ingredient cards. This food is sold to raise funds to upgrade each players food truck to a Café, and then their café to a restaurant. Do all this while fending off your opponents actions and dishing out a few of your own. The first player to have built their restaurant will be crowned Head Chef!