Duel of the Magi (2016)

Cool Nerd Games

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2 - 4




45 min



Duel of the Magi is a deck-building game that combines fantasy board games, drafting, and TCG fighting mechanics for a complete and unique experience. Players start by choosing one of the four magi classes, each of which have a unique ability to be used during the game. While taking turns players choose sets of spells to include or exclude in the game. Once this phase is complete, the chosen cards of each spell type are then shuffled together and placed on the board in the appropriately labeled spots. Staged face-up, the cards are drafted one at a time from the board as each player builds their own customized deck of spells. Once deck building is complete, the game board is flipped over to the dueling ground side and players engage in a spell casting fight to determine the winner. Part of the dueling strategy is gamesmanship in the form of alliances and negotiations. Do what you must to ensure you survive to the end.