Heroes of History: Iron Phalax vs. Raiders of the Monastery (2016)

Bradan's World

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2 - 6




20 min



This will be the first expansion set for Heroes of History (expected to have 2 expansion decks a year and 1 special holiday pack). The Iron Phalanx features heroes from Greek History and Mythology: Alexander the Great, Philip of Macedon, The Argonauts, Cadmus, King Leonidas, and the Spartan Hoplites lead the way against Lagertha, Thor, Loki, Cnud the Great, Erik the Red, and the Berserkers. Use Magic Runestones to boost your Heroes and Kings or tie them down with Wheel of Fates. Revive your dead with the Valkyrie or use Artemis Bow to simply obliterate the opposition. And for fun, add the Revolutionary War characters to the mix.

Expansion For:
Heroes of History