Eat the Villagers (2015)

Butter Knife Concepts

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2 - 15




20 min

Eat the Villagers was invented to get friends off their cell phones and laughing together. It's portable and meant to be taken to dinner with you, played between the time you order and when your food arrives. This is a family-friendly dice game that takes 5 minutes to learn and 15-20 minutes to play. It is suitable for 2-10 players and can be learned by children as young as 5 years old. It fits in your pocket and travels well, so it makes a great game to leave in the car, take to the laundromat, take to dinner with you, or pack in your carry-on luggage. Rules Each player rolls 5 randomly selected dice, separating the Knights, Villagers, and Barricades, as well as any special dice. Barricades get rerolled, drawing up to 5 more dice to roll each turn. You may stop any time and return to your lair, eating the number of Villagers on the board. That number is added to your next turns, until you have 15 or more, and are full, winning the game. 5 Knights vanquishes the dragon, ending your turn with 0 points. If you roll a Wizard (one of the specialty dice), he casts his Magic if and only if 2 Knights are on the board to protect him. Wizard's Magic vanquishes the dragon, ending your turn with 0 points. Without 2 Knights, he counts as a Villager. If you roll a Dragon (the other specialty dice), you cast your Fire Breath attack. This burns all Barricades, revealing the delicious Villager goodness inside. It also melts the armor of 1 Knight, taking that die out of play. Then the Dragon also goes out of play. Count the Villagers and return to your lair or continue your turn, at your choice. Play continues until some dragon/player has eaten 15 or more Villagers and is satiated. Everyone left in that round of play still gets a turn to try and beat the high score.