Arkham Ritual (2017)

Ninja Star Games

Game Image

3 - 7




15 min



You are a freelance journalist working in the city of Arkham. One day you hear about a mysterious ritual taking place in the underground cellar of the city’s prestigious Miskatonic University. You and your team decide to investigate the ritual anonymously trying to get the next exclusive. Without much thoughts you step into the cellar, but it wasn’t long before you regretted your decisions. The ritual is a truly horrifying experience worshipping the ancient gods until people went insane! In the dark and musty cellar, people are passing around artifacts. You can’t quite make out what is being passed around, but in the distance you can barely see what others are holding. It looks like some of these magical artifacts are the cause of the people’s insanity. You will need to deduce which artifact you are holding by looking at the others. Try to keep your sanity and escape from the ritual alive! Game Play Overview Arkham Ritual is played over a course of several rounds. At the start of the game, each player will be dealt 1 card face down. You will hold the card so that other players see the face of the card (in other words, you see the back of the card). During the game, you may never look at the face of the card you are holding! At the start of each round, the active player draws a card and look at the card. That player then decides who to pass the card to. The player who receives the card has a choice to either: a) discard his / her card face up and take the new card without looking at them b) pass the card to another player The game continues until one of the game end condition is met. At that time you determine the winner based on the condition that triggered the game end.