8 Seconds (2016)

GJJ Games

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1 - 6




15 min



8 Seconds is a press-your-luck dice and card game with some strategic decisions for 1-6 players. There are also three optional expansion modules that can be played with the main game individually or together. 8 Seconds is about the action and excitement of bull riding in a rodeo. Roll your dice and match your moves to the moves of the Bulls. But beware the rodeo clowns! There are only two on staff, so if you roll a third Rodeo Clown you’ll have to fill in and you won’t score your Bull!

Fast Paced
Press-Your-Luck with Strategy
Player Interaction
Unique Theme
No Downtime (w/ Vegas Showdown Expansion)

Overview: In 8 Seconds the eight dice have one of five different values on each face: Turn, Buck, Kick, Blank, or Rodeo Clown. Rodeo Clowns are kept, Blanks are rerolled, and everything else can either be kept or rerolled. At the start of your turn you’ll draw three Bull cards and then roll the dice. You must match your dice rolls to the moves indicated on the cards (turns, kicks, and bucks) in order to successfully ride the Bull. You can reroll dice as needed, but the cost is discard one of your Bull cards, until you are left with just one Bull to ride. If you successfully ride a Bull you’ll collect that Bull and earn the points indicated. Foul Tokens can be earned during the game that allow you to reroll clowns, reroll without discarding a bull, add another bull to their lineup, or score bonus points.

8 Seconds goes until one player has successfully ridden three Bulls, and then everyone else gets a final turn. The winner is the player with the most points in Bulls and Foul Tokens.

Vegas Showdown: Vegas Showdown is an expansion for 8 Seconds that eliminates a common issue with many multiplayer press-your-luck games – what to do when it’s not your turn. 8 Seconds – Vegas Showdown brings the excitement of betting to the game when it is not your turn to ride the bulls, keeping players engaged throughout the entire game.

Solitaire: 8 Seconds also has a solitaire variant that allows the game to be played solo. This is a quick diversion that can be played within the space of a lap desk or airline tray.

Mini Expansions: The Golden Buckle expansion adds Golden Buckle cards, which are available to everyone, until someone acquires each Golden Buckle. Golden Buckles are challenging to obtain, but give various rewards. In The Riders expansion, players get to take on the role of Bull Riders. Each Rider has a special ability that can be used whenever appropriate throughout the game.

More information: http://georgejaros.com/8sec