Cake Duel (2018)

Sizigi Studios

Game Image

2 - 2




15 min



Cake Duel is a fast paced two-player card game. Players play the role of opposing Sheepie generals in the grand tournament of cakes. Players start a round with three cakes each and take turns playing Sheepie cards to steal cakes from the other player. The first player to take all the cakes wins the round. The catch is that all cards are played face down, so any card can be bluffed as any other card, and all plays can be challenged. Experienced players can keep track of which Sheepie have been played and bluff strategically to strengthen their attacks. The standard deck contains 19 cards - 11 attackers, 7 blockers, and an unclaimable card which must be bluffed. The advanced mode introduces additional Sheepie to the deck, which allows for crazier plays (and bluffs).

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