2016.A (2016)

Stuff By Bez

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2 - 2




15 min

Description from the designer: Players take turns to swap a card, then predict where an arrow will travel to. It's critical to not only remember what the face-down cards are, but also consider what you're swapping, what cards you're giving to the other player, and what they could swap. Setup: make a 3x3 grid of cards. Both players see the middle 3. Each player looks at the 3 closest to themselves. The remaining 3 cards are given to the start player, along with the arrow. Each turn: the arrow is placed in front of the central card on the active player's side. the active player swaps a card on the table with one from their hand, then gives the 3 cards to the other player. the other player swaps a different card on the table. the active player predicts which side of the grid the arrow will exit on the other player chooses a different side cards are turned over, one at a time, to reveal the path that the arrow follows, until it exits the grid if either player predicted the exit side correctly, they get a point. First to 3 points wins the game.