Hunting Sasquatch (2017)

Spyglass Games

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2 - 5




30 min



Hunting Sasquatch is a fast pace game where players take on the roles of various hunters and travel around north america trying to locate him.

Game Play:
Game play is very simple, players draw a hunter card which will give them various powers. They will then choose to visit a face up location or choose to flip one. Either way they will take all 8 dice and roll them matching up symbols first on Death Conditions the on Victory Conditions. After this is done if neither is filled out they may choose to roll the fate dice which either lets them re-roll the remaining dice or take the trap effect ending their turn. Players may push their luck and keep rolling dice however if the death fills in they discard their hunter and end their turn. IF they fill in Victory they take the card and gain VP and play passed on, when a set number of hunters (determined by number of players) his the discard the game ends.

Press your Luck
Dice Rolling/Placement Game

Humors theme with cartoon artwork and has been a hit with children who love the easy game play and cute art. Families like it for this reason and we have seen most gamers who like fast casual games enjoy it as well.