Villagers and Villains: The Borderlands (2014)

Studio 9 Games

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2 - 5




30 min



Villagers & Villains: The Borderlands, the first expansion for the V&V base game, includes 22 cards that can be shuffled into the standard deck. These cards add mechanisms and capacities previously unavailable in the game, including the ability to bring discarded cards back into the game, some mild 'take that' elements to affect other towns, double pairs, and challenges with benefits to your town. Each new card is unique and provides some dimension not yet seen in the base game. BUILDING (5)- King's Court, Shanty, Stable, Toll Bridge, Training Ground CITIZEN (6)- Archaeologist, Caravan Trader, Children, Gambler, Gravedigger, Recruiter CHALLENGE (7) - Bureaucrat, Casino, Disease, Flirt, Hustler, Necromancer, Wanted Men HERO (4)- Battle Cleric, General, Monk, Squire