Farmers' Market Rally

Woodchuck Studio

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2 - 4




25 min

Farmers’ Market Rally is a set collection game of seasonal local produce and high scores, and is for two to four people, aged eight and above. The game is set at your local farmers’ market, where you’ve met up with some friends to search for items on your shopping list, sale items that are at their seasonal peak, and collect anything else that looks good this week. For the number of players, the same number of small stacks of cards are dealt per round to create farmer's tents. For each turn, two cards are turned over and one card is dealt facedown to display each farmer’s offerings. Players either stay at the tent their marker is at or move around the market. Players take the cards at the tent their marker ends up at to create sets in their shopping bag. At the end of each round, scores are calculated and the lowest total score player goes first in the next round. Play continues for three rounds. There are thirteen item card types and 104 total items in the deck, plus ten shopping list cards and four player markers.