Senatus (2017)

Gray Mass Games

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3 - 6




90 min



It is 100 A.D. The present emperor is Trajan; one of Rome's greatest generals, leading Rome's greatest military expansion. He has ruled for two glorious years. The senate is largely perfunctory, but those in power still seek the Emperor's ear in order to push their own agendas. This game is about trying to gain Trajan's favor and rule Rome from the shadows. In Senatus players are members of a secret cabal attempting to control the Senate from behind the scenes. By manipulating the system, passing Bills that improve their status, and gaining influence over the city's factions, the players gain control over various aspects of Rome. Victory points are earned by having influence over the Senate, factions, Senators, and Emperor's Favor. At the end of the game, the player with the most extensive power structure (i.e. victory points) wins. Be warned, Politics is a bloody endeavor! You will work to usurp the control of others in factions, pass bills to help your allies and punch your foes and all the while your robe is more and more stained with the stench of corruption. Can you navigate these treacherous waters and emerge the hero of the senate?

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