GYM (2016)


Game Image

2 - 6




20 min

Hook: Unique Team “Picking' (just like those gym class days!) with interesting strategy and manipulation during the event playing phase. In GYM, players play on 1 of 2 teams, which can accommodate 2, 4 or 6 players. There are 2 phases to the game. The 'Pick' phase is just like Gym class! Each team member will choose a Kid from the line up to add to his hand. If a 'bully' is acquired, a team member is allowed to influence which 4 (of the 6) events will be played in the next phase. In the 'Play' phase, each team member will play a Kid to one of the 4 events on his turn. Playing Kids will also allow an 'event action', which may manipulate player hands, Kid positions, and more. Playing a 'bully' allows a team mate to reposition a Coach, which reduces chaos at an event, but also makes it more difficult to make changes to the roster. In the end, the team with the most cumulative points from the 4 events is the winner! From The Box: Play with a partner or a team and pick the best kids for each sporting event. Choose bullies to influence which games to compete in and use kids’ special actions to play in the events and earn the most points to win!