Moonshine Run (2017)

Games by a Madman or Two

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2 - 4




30 min



The year is 1932. The Japanese have attacked Shanghai, America has a bobsledding team, the five day work week has begun, and Prohibition is in full swing. All in all it is a good year and tonight you have to collect the White Lightning. These Tennessee Mountains are full of moonshiners waiting for you to transport their shine. Now all you have to do is brave the dangers and make it back. You are not alone and, although others might not be as brave as you are, some might be smarter. You have to get more shine then they do and buy back the farm.

Moonshine Run is a game about both luck and guts, where each player is racing down the mountain to deliver their Moonshine to their customers. Along the way, they can pick up more Moonshine Jugs and different Items that may help them out. However, there is also hazards up on the mountain that could cause the player to lose their turn and any Moonshine Jugs they have collected.

There are seven rounds during a game of Moonshine Run. Each round, a player pays Moonshine Dollars to access Road Card. Each road card if flipped as it is drawn. A play may come across some Moonshine Jugs, Item Cards or Hazard Cards. It is up to the player to decide when enough is enough and to call it quits.

This is a fast, press your luck game where you must know when to stop.

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