Savage Planet: The Fate of Fantos (2017)

Imp House

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2 - 6




120 min



Savage Planet: the Fates of Fantos is a tableau building game with co-operative and competitive elements for 2-6 players. Each player is a Citadel (city-state) of Fantos. They must hire mercenaries (called Legacies) using Shards from their Citadel Bank. Once hired, Legacies can be tasked to harvest more shards, go to war with a neighboring Citadel or be nominated as the savior of Fantos for Tribute. Legacy may also play Labor cards from the Citadel's hand using their own shard currency. Every time a player chooses to harvest shards from the Trove, they must reveal a new card from the Trials Deck. Life on Fantos becomes increasingly difficult as Zodraz unleashes plagues, summons cosmic creatures and forces dissent among the Citadels. Resolve them together, as a planet, or watch as rival Citadels struggle to survive. Plan wisely and make every turn matter because Zodraz is lurking in the Trials deck. When the Cosmic Warden is drawn, judgement is passed (scores are tallied) and the game is over.