Bandito Holdup (2016)

Foolish Mortals

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2 - 4




75 min



A fancy frontier town has just been built. This has attracted the attention of nearby gangs of outlaws. You control one such gang. Rumour has it the town is full of Treasure and important people, who can be kidnapped for a hefty ransom. Your gang could literally make a killing, looting and pillaging this town. The only problem is those other darned gangs, who have the same idea as you. Looks like shootouts with them are inevitable. As per the Bandito Code, gangs may only send one gang member to a shootout at a time. Grab your hat and gun; it’s high noon and you’ve got an itchy trigger finger.

Bandito Holdup is a 2-4 player shoot 'em up. Each player takes control of a gunslinger, and then shoots, steals and kidnaps their way to victory during the course of multiple gunfights.

Players plan out their turns ahead of time, secretly laying down 5 action cards at the beginning of each round. After all cards have been placed, the actions are resolved. This planning ahead allows all players to think simultaneously, shortening the downtime between turns. Shrewd players who are able to predict the actions of their opponents will have certainly have an advantage.

The game is composed is multiple gunfights, which are played out on various maps. Each gunfight is given a game mode. Game modes include: free-for-all, team, and a 'cooperative' heist mode where the Players are robbing a bank.

In-between gunfights players will be able to acquire new weapons and upgrade their action card decks.

8 maps offer variety in terms of terrain and game modes.

Bandito Holdup is a tactical yet fun game for 2-4 players, and lasts 60-90 minutes.