Titan Dice (2017)

Eagle-Gryphon Games

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1 - 4




45 min

You are a Titan who has joined a mighty competition of capturing the most dangerous monsters of the land. By caging these creatures, you can harness some of their abilities to help yourself or hinder your opponents. Will you be the champion who captures all five creatures first? Titan Dice is a game where you roll a set of five dice every turn to attain as many of the five creatures as possible. The creatures are the Kraken, Chimera, Hydra, Minotaur, and Gryphon, and each creature has a set of abilities that you can purchase by matching the dice symbols to the ability cards. Throughout the game, you will be managing your rolls (or multiple rolls) to either cage creatures, purchase abilities, and use skills. However, you must beware! The creatures can sometimes strike back, and rolling three strikes in one round will knock you out for the remainder of that round! Goal: Be the first player to collect four of each creature: Chimera, Hydra, Gryphon, Kraken, and Minotaur! First to have all creatures caged wins, but how you achieve this is your decision. Do you have what it takes to be the mightiest Titan of them all?