Battle for the Universe - Competitive Card Game (2018)

It's in Our Nature Games

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2 - 2




60 min



Battle For the Universe is a competitive, two-player card game, where players construct decks to prove they lead the ultimate superpowered team in Slab City! The players choose Heroes, Villains, or anything in between, along with locations where they can square off to display their prowess or save the day.

Slab City Beatdown is the core set for Battle For The Universe, introducing players to a world in which the characters interact. Will Slab City be ruled by one Villain? Will the Heroes rescue enough civilians to save the day? What secrets are hidden in the city streets? The fate of Slab City is in your hands!

In this game, players will create a unit of 54 cards. They will choose a Base, which will detail the team the player has chosen. They will choose an Objective, which tells them if they are heroic or villainous, it also determines the goal in which they need to accomplish to win the game. They will create a 40-card play deck, with characters, objects, and one-shot single use action cards. Lastly, they will choose a 12-card Location deck to represent where the epic battles in Slab City will take place. Battle For The Universe has multiple paths to victory, and not all involve killing your opponent. Some players may opt to rescue civilians. Others may try to amass wealth or simply beat and bring opposing characters to justice. All of these goals are possible, and more. Battle For The Universe: Slab City Beatdown has over 300 cards in its base set to build your most powerful team!