Avoid the Void (2016)

Geek Fever Games

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3 - 7




30 min

Sectors all over the galaxy are disappearing, being replaced by black holes that threaten to destroy everything within! You and representatives of other spacefaring species are trying to grab everything you can get your hands (or hand-analogues) on before you get sucked into the darkness. Survive the longest, and see if you can… Avoid the Void. Avoid the Void is a chaotic, tactical card game with an ever-changing board. Sectors will get changed, shifted, and destroyed. Your resources should be spent quickly before they get stolen or disappear. Manage your position and cards carefully, or you might be the next one to fall victim to the void! In Avoid the Void, you win by controlling the last remaining alien race. Your race loses if you ever run out of resources (cards in your hand) on your turn, or if you can't move away from your current sector at the end of your turn. Every turn, you gather resources, use their special abilities by playing half the cards in your hand, and move if you can. The resource cards' effects will often dramatically shift the landscape of the game. Some will give your spaceships permanent boosts. Some will alter the shape of the galaxy's sectors directly. Some will sabotage your opponents' attempts at survival. It's up to you to manage what you're dealt and steer clear of the black holes that will eat you alive.