Awesome Bots (2009)

Geek Fever Games

Game Image

2 - 4


15 min

Awesome Bots is a short card game in which you draft and then play through your deck of robot cards, battling for the best score. The structure of the game allows you to filter through what you've gotten, and you won't be playing most of what you draft. All but the lowest-valued cards have a cost, requiring you to spend cards you've already played. You must either 'scrap' a certain value's worth of robots, sending them out of the game, or 'upgrade' them, saving those points for later. Balancing the risky but high-valued scrapping bots and the safer but less rewarding upgrading bots, keeping in mind the values and types in your deck's makeup, is central to the game. The game can be played cutthroat with 2 to 4 players or as a partners game of 2 on 2.