Go Long (2016)

Geek Fever Games

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2 - 2




45 min

Try to win this game of football by building words out of letter tiles representing players on your team. The defense and offense build words at the same time, and the offense advances the ball down the field based on how much better their word is. The defense also gets to intercept the ball, if they can guess how the offense will play. So huddle up, map out your plays, and… go long! Each quarter of the game includes two parts: a draft - worker placement to get bonuses during play - and the field play - the actual word building portion of the game. Players build words using cards with two letters on them. Players use the top or bottom letters on each card to build the word worth the most points. The offense advances the ball based on the the difference of points between the offense and the defense - one space (10 yards) per point of difference. The defense can intercept the ball if they can correctly guess two of the letters the offense uses in their word. Since the defense knows some of the possible letters the offense has available, this forces a tougher decision for the offense than simply making the biggest word. Like in real football, the offense can also try for a field goal, giving a much higher chance of success (they only need to have one card per space away from the end zone, and the defense doesn't build a word) but only giving half as many points.